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Human Resources:Talents
Talent strategy is the company's largest strategic   Human resources are the most valuable resource of enterprise

Respect for the Prevention of Cruelty to use good talent
     Encourage employees to explore their own great ideas, learn and share great ideas of others. Therefore, attention to people, pay attention to people's knowledge, human values, the human mind is "without borders" concept highest goal to be achieved. "Without borders" concept of practice, making the company built a unique entrepreneurial spirit, so that people's thinking and creative play at all without borders, to talent to create a new business environment.
"Successful" concept -- the use of modern methods and means for talent
     Different from the traditional philosophy, "successful" concept is an important one, is the transformation of traditional enterprises and employees between unequal relationship, let employees and enterprises on an equal footing, and strive in two directions, common interests. This idea makes people quickly feel the position rises, its innovation and labor respect of the sense of honor and the sense of mission to rise sharply, enterprises have more talent attraction. Therefore, through a variety of ways and means to provide a modern, creative labor conditions for personnel, more conducive to each person's talents. Use of network and information systems, to provide staff to master all kinds of knowledge and information facilities. The establishment of every employee is the enterprise owner thought, set up so that each of the employees to bring their talents to their maximum value, mechanism of dream. Company employees to respect the creative spirit, create a personal success to team success of the enterprise environment, help employees to achieve the set goals.
To "education theory" -- attention and mining personnel, providing a platform to play the.
    The company is taken more talents with good cooperation spirit, good communication skills, good analytical skills and creativity, is not required to have what educated people, and more true skill and genuine knowledge, make the talent view wider. Famous Israeli entrepreneur Cage said: "a high degree of education can not decide who to life, need to constantly improve the people's knowledge and skills. Even at the end of an enterprise education staff, also should be given a fair opportunity".
    In the human resource globalization competition, with "emotion" as a link, to establish a relationship with the development of talent, it is an effective way to dig the loss of talent resources. In a certain sense, not bad outflow of talents and good at digging out, the key lies in human resources, uninterrupted communication with outflow of talents, with a sincere attitude towards the flow of talent, permanently open enterprise talent out of the door. This will not only lead to the loss of talent, but also make more talent out back to "far effect" concept -- focus on social and the competition for talent in the future enterprise.
    We should learn from the practice of well-known enterprises, the strategic target of talent lock enterprise to make a contribution to society, as well as the acceleration of the future talents, access to strategic more senior personnel on a higher level, so as to realize the long-term benefits of enterprise talent.
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