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Voltage frequency feature detection
The release date:2013/6/9 9:21:09   Reading:3082 times
    The alignment of the standard supply voltage value Vo, and transferred to the voltage-controlled voltage-controlled voltage reference voltage Vco, the crystal after a period of time to warm up, frequency stabilized, note the frequency of FO, then align the supply voltage in the technical requirements prescribed positive bias voltage V +, and after a period of time, frequency stabilized, note the frequency of F +, then the power supply voltage align the technical requirements specified in the negative bias voltage V-on, after a period of time, frequency tends stable, the frequency is denoted by F-. (Note: 0.01 Hz had at least three consecutive unchanged as frequency stability) Voltage frequency characteristic values according to (2) and (3) is calculated.
    VF+ =( F+ -FO )/ FO ……(2)
    VF- =( F- - FO )/ FO ……(3)
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